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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Veggie Invaders 

Here's a game that will make you laugh from The Vegetarian Society: "Remember SPACE INVADERS - the game that spawned a generation of games and game designers?"
Try Veggie Invaders

"Download some free retro action and prepare for the onslaught as vegetables take over the world! Ketchup splurge guns a-go-go, the heat is on as pop-eyed potatoes and crazy carrots make mincemeat of anyone who dares to challenge their veggie might."

Hi Blogger,
Your blog is wonderful, although Veggie Invaders isn't exactly what I was looking for: presents for gardening, but I like the topic and how you wrote it. I am more interested in presents for gardening, but during my search for more information I discovered Veggie Invaders, certainly one of the finest blogs I have seen lately!
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