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Friday, November 24, 2006

Ladybug fly away home 

Have you heard about the latest allergy. It's ladybugs - isn't that a shocker? I had certainly never heard of it, and usually look for my little friends to make wishes. (There is a tale that ladybugs bring good luck.)

I saw an article about this phenomemon in September in Ladies' Home Journal and, more recently, The Washington Post did a piece about a lady who had an invasion in her dog kennel. At least 40,000 were sitting on the windowsill (hard to believe, but pix don't lie) and she called in an exterminator to remove the bugs.

Here's something even more headshaking. Apparently they emit a musky odor and leave yellowish stains called reflex bleeding when they die. AND they sting! I just can't believe it. My little ladybugs? Well, no. Acording to the latest article these bugs are the Asian lady beetle and have invaded the Eastern US over the last 13 years. Indian summer activated them and the local pest control companies deactivated them. With the arrival of much cooler weather hopefully all swarming is finished for the year. But be on the look out and use the best prevention methods - seal cracks around windows and doors. Happy Gardening and remember, next time you see red spots before your eyes it just might be the Asian lady beetle.

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