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Friday, September 25, 2015

I'm back...sort of 

Well, it's been a few years since I've written anything, actually it's been 7 years.  Much has happened during that time.  I lost my Dad in 2008 and my Mom in 2012.  And we started a non-profit for people and their pets, For Paws Hospice, based on our experience with hospice care for my parents.

So, what peaked my interest in coming back to The Gardens Gift?  A request came in from Jon Leger asking to have his site linked to my links page.  It's all about cabbage roses and offers some good how to grow tips.  The pictures are gorgeous and brought back memories of the rose beds my Mom had when I was a kid.  She was crazy over her roses and had several flower beds chock full of gorgeous roses of all kinds.  I tried, but I never quite got the rose green thumb.

I'm not sure how frequently you'll hear from me, but this is a good start.  Jon, thanks for the encouragement and bringing back some fantastic memories for me.  Your wonderful site is now included on my Links page.  Happy Gardening.

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