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Friday, October 20, 2006

Links, links and more links 

I have had several requests for links over the last couple of months. I'm sharing them here in all their glory in case there's something that catches your gardening fancy:

Leo's Artistic Iron Garden Gates & Pot Racks. Custom Garden Gates, Wine Cellar Doors, Pot Racks & Stemware Racks

A new gardening forum by our friend Geoff at Outdoor Living Supplies

How about some wholesale gardening supplies - offering a wide range of lawn, garden, pond, gardening accessories and wild bird products to retail garden centers

Then there's Deborah's garden textiles - banners and cushions that are UV protected and machine washable

Greg offers landscaping ideas for folks who know they want to make a change but are not quite sure what to do

My old friend Tony has a new site called My Green Planet providing houses and food needs for song birds as well as bats and bees

And finally, Scott offers Handcrafted timber frame pergolas & arbors at Pacific Pergola

I'm sure you've noticed I haven't been posting a lot lately. My day job, as usual, has gotten in the way and I've joined up as webmaster for my favorite animal rescue group Lost Angels. So, I'll post as I can and I'll also be combining a couple of my pages to bring a little more zing (or is that bling) to my site. Stay tuned for more and Happy Gardening.

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