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Monday, May 10, 2004

While I'm on a roll...argh!!! 

Well, I broke down this afternoon and tried to use the gas lawn mower my dad gave me. As you may recall in a previous post, I was agonizing over whether to use the dang thing or not. Since it is the only mower I have and the lawn is grossly overgrown, I decided to finally try it.

Argh!!! I couldn't get it started so thought I had lost all power in my arms and asked Harlan to try. He came out and couldn't get it started either. Come to find out it is a pain in the rump, not to mention the arms, to pull the starter cord. And, the final insult? No gas. Not a drop in the tank and no gas can to syphon any from my vehicle (yes, I still drive a gas vehicle but at least it's a 6 cylinder sedan.)

After a few choice words, the mower went back into the garage where it will stay until I find someone who wants it or it will go into the next yard sale. In the meantime, I'm going out and getting an electric mower after all. (The battery-powered mower won't work on our lawn since it is way too long and coarse.) Gas mowers be damned! Give me a reliable, quiet, easy to use electric mower any time. It's definitely easier on my arms and my blood pressure! Happy Gardening.

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