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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Mystery solved 

Back in May my husband took a picture of some wildflowers proliferating in our lawn. I looked and studied and just could not find a picture that resembled these pretty little flowers. Today as I was searching to identify a flower that has been growing in my backyard, I came across a reference to Erigeron pulchellus more commonly referred to as poor Robin's plantain. The little flowers are part of the Aster family aka Fleabane. Sure enough, the description fits this little guy to a T. Erigeron pulchellus is a creeping groundcover growing to about 18" tall with leaves up to 6" long. The plant tolerates infertile soil, of which we have plenty, and does well in full sun or light shade. It also likes moisture but prefers not to stand in it for very long.

Now at this time of year the plants have died back and cannot be located so I'll have to wait until spring and see if I can transplant any around the actual garden area for additional color. Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Perennials claims that poor Robin's plantain grows in zones 4-8. Obviously that is not necessarily the case or I have a poor relation of the poor plantain. Here in zone 10-11 it grows beautifully but that may also be why it blooms in spring while the reference book says it is a summer bloomer. Oh well, it is a very merry plant and I look forward to seeing it again next year. Happy Gardening.

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