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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Call me a tree hugger 

The most recent Plow & Hearth catalog arrived in the mail yesterday. As I leafed through it, I saw something called Forest Faces that looked kind of fun. I had intended to write a small article about it and provide a couple of sources. As I surfed around to get more information, I learned that the faces are applied to the trees using nails. So, in order to have something cutesy in the garden a person is required to put nails in their tree. The individual face components then hang from the nails. According to the National Gardening Association, no harm is done to the tree. I beg to differ. Any time you purposefully put an object into a tree that will tear its bark or puncture a limb, it causes harm. It may not kill the tree, but it could result in a disease entering the weakened tree and eventually causing death or at a minimum threatening its integrity. Not only that, but a nail can rust and rust will cause a scar that again can result in a weakened tree. According to the Ohio State University Extension Service, wounds through the bark start the process that leads to decay. Now not all wounds lead to decay, but the chances are pretty good it could happen.

So here's my take on the subject. If you want to put something fun and cutesy in the garden, go with a statue. There's plenty of adorable little animals to choose from. If you want to make faces, do it in the mirror. It will still be fun and it won't damage a tree. Happy Gardening.

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