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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Hot, hot, hot -- glow 

It's been pretty hot lately. The temperature isn't too bad - low 90s during the day. It's the humidity that's torture. I've been watering my gardens pretty steadily since we've witnessed all the storms going around us and, as I do, I notice more and more weeds sprouting up. With all the work I've done getting these beds looking better, I'll be danged if I'm going to let the weeds take over. So, I decided I would get out a few mornings a week before I settled into my workday and start fighting back.

This morning was my first attempt. Armed with my cup of coffee and a stack of newspapers, I began on the front bed. It was loaded with tall grasses that had somehow snuck up on me when I wasn't looking. I worked diligently to get them all pulled and then proceeded to layer the bed with newspapers (remember the recycling thing I shared a while back). There were still six bags of pine bark mulch laying in the driveway so I used that to cover the newspaper. An hour and a half later, the garden looked wonderful. I, however, was covered with dirt and had sweat pouring down my arms and legs. Now the story goes that women glow when they perspire -- don't believe it. Women sweat and it ain't pretty. I'm not ashamed to say I actually had little rivulets forming on the backs of my knees cascading to my ankles. And the doggone ants were stalking me looking for moisture!

I raked the weeds, packed the garbage cans and headed into the house for a long, refreshing shower. I've been admiring the front garden all day every chance I get. It was hot work, but worth every second. So, the other gardens will get their turn over the next few weeks and by that time the front garden will probably be looking for weed relief again unless the newspaper does what I hope it will. It's a continuing cycle, but a satisfying one. My only disappointment? Maybelline won't be calling me for modeling work anytime soon, not with my "glow". Oh well. Happy Gardening.

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