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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Tillandsia cyanea 

In a previous article I started talking about Latin names and just happened to choose a member of the Bromeliad species to feature. The other morning my husband and I were walking around the grocery store, which we tend to do just about every day, and I noticed a small, potted plant laying on its side. I picked it up and put it in our basket to take home. It was a rather odd looking plant, not so much the leaves but the pink bract emerging from the center. I noticed the name on the tag was Tillandsia cyanea and remembered this from my Bromeliad research. So we brought it home, watered it and left it on the counter where it gets bright but not direct sunlight.

Yesterday morning I got up for my usual coffee and noticed something unusual but gorgeous. The plant was beginning to bloom and what a fascinating contrast. Purple flowers against the pink bract. Tillandsia cyanea blooms in winter with one or two blooms for long periods of time. It must be kept moist and maintained in moderate temps. This picture does not do justice to the absolute beauty of the purple against the pink. I am constantly amazed at the splendor of nature and am so pleased that I found this little plant in the grocery store. Happy Gardening.

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