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Monday, October 11, 2004

It's a dandelion 

I returned from my trip to North Carolina none the worse for wear having survived five days of training topped off by a grueling exam (I passed). While I was there I took advantage of the difference in climate by admiring the various flowers and shrubs that grow in the fall. The leaves were not yet turning so I didn't get a chance to enjoy that change-of-seasons sign. But I did see something I haven't seen since I moved south - a dandelion! Yes, a dandelion and it actually took me pleasantly by surprise.

I was crossing the street with a few co-workers coming back from a long lunch. As we paused in the median I happened to look down and was astonished to see a perfect little dandelion on the edge of the grass. I actually stopped to examine it before continuing back with my friends. Now you're probably saying to yourself, heck it's only a dandelion what's the big deal. And in some ways you would be right. But there is beauty in nature and even dandelions are worth admiring. Here in Florida we have something that passes for a dandelion and I think they even call it that. But it's scrawny with a long stem and the flower is red. So to me that isn't a dandelion. Besides, remember back to when you were a kid. If you were like me, you would sit in the grass with your friends, pull up a dandelion and hold it under your chin to see if you liked butter. Silly yes, but I've never forgotten doing it. So the dandelion not only is pretty but brings back cozy memories of childhood. Happy Gardening and the next time you're tempted to toss away a dandelion put it under your chin first.

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