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Friday, April 29, 2005

A new blog... 

and a bit of clover history from Dave in Massachusetts. Dave responded to a note I had on my Plant Tips page regarding the benefits of clover. So many folks try to eradicate it from their lawns and don't fully understand all the good that clover brings. Dave mentioned that "it was actually added to quality seed mixes until (in the 1940s) the development of selective herbicides that killed broad-leaved plants but left grasses alone. Since the chemicals killed clover, clover had to be "demonized" -- making a drawback into a positive for the herbicides."

Wooded Paths is the new blog by Dave, who'll be writing about gardening on a partially wooded house site, with "public" (access to pedestrians and bicycles) and private paths into the woods. Go take a look when you get a chance. Happy Gardening, and thanks again Dave for the history lesson.

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