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Saturday, January 28, 2006

On a frog mission 

My husband and I visited the Green Market yesterday. It was an absolutely beautiful sunny warm day and we enjoyed walking around the various booths. We stopped to chat with Donna of DonDro Gardens about an orchid I had given my husband that was not blooming.

Donna gave us some great advice, which I'll share in just a second, and as we talked further we noticed a cute little statue of a frog pushing wheelbarrow sitting on the table. Well, everyone who visits the booth loves the frog and wants one. Donna bought it in a yard sale and has been unable to locate any others like it. Me being the smartie that I am said that with all of the great links I have on my links page, I should easily be able to locate it.

Let me give anyone reading this a little piece of advice. Don't ever think it's that easy to find something someone else has been unable to locate. I do have many fabulous links on my site but after searching for several hours I reached the conclusion that I would not be able to find that particular frog. So I turned to the net.

If someone is a lover of frogs I have unearthed several sites that cater to you. Here are just a few:I searched and searched and do you think I found that dang frog? Not on your life. There were a few that were similar and quite cute but none that looked like Donna's. And although I like frogs, I'm not looking for any to take up residence in my garden so I'm giving up the hunt.

Now for the orchid advice. We have a Phalaenopsis, which needs filtered sunlight, regular feeding and controlled watering. If you have orchids, visit the DonDro Gardens site for more information. Ribbit. Oops, I mean Happy Gardening.

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