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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weeding by example... 

That's exactly what this young man is doing. A victim of Hurricane Katrina, Jack McShane wanted to help bring back his hometown. Unfortunately, everyone said he was just too young to get involved. Well Jack decided he wasn't and now he not only participates in the clean up of a local park but has started mow-rons.org to support his mowing group. USA Today recently featured Jack - it is an inspiring story for all ages.

The group is 7 people strong with Jack as the youngest. Every Saturday these folks are at City Park keeping the area around the museum and bandstands cleaned up. Jack has stayed involved since the Fall of 2006 and never misses a weekend. He is truly "weeding by example". For more information about the group or how to donate, visit mow-rons.org. For more information about what is deemed "one of the largest urban greenbelts in the US, visit neworleanscitypark.com. Happy Gardening.

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