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Monday, March 01, 2004

Wake up and smell the orange blossoms 

Did you ever have one of those early mornings where you just wake up and can’t fall back to sleep? It happened to me about two weeks ago, and long about 5:30 AM I decided to just get up and get the coffee started.

Once the dogs and cats were fed and my first cup of coffee was in hand, I slowly moved out to the deck to watch the sun come up. And am I ever glad I did. The air was cool but warm enough to be cozy in a bathrobe and the stillness at that time of the morning was awe-inspiring. I just sat there quietly with the dogs watching the birds awake and the ducks moving their family slowly through the water behind our house. What a beautiful experience it was, and it gave me an opportunity to get back in touch with what’s really important, for me, in life.

Anyway, I mentioned orange blossoms. We live in the South and have an orange tree next door. We used to have our own until we moved, so now we just enjoy the neighbor’s. The scent from the orange tree at this time of year is absolutely incredible. It’s better than the best perfume you could ever smell. And when the flowers are gone, the fruit is one of the most rewarding sights you can experience as a gardener. So, here’s some info about orange trees:

Oranges are considered a tender fruit in that they are generally grown in hot climates. They may still be grown in cooler climates but usually in containers or under cover as long as the correct temp and humidity levels are maintained. In northern climates orange trees may not consistently ripen undercover, but do make attractive ornamentals.

During the first few years, citrus trees need to be fed a balanced fertilizer with a high nitrogen and medium potassium level at a rate of about 2 lb per tree per year. When the trees are in active growth fertilizer should be applied in two or three doses at regular intervals around the base of the tree. After five years, the quantity of fertilizer should be doubled.

Several places sell orange trees including home improvement warehouses. Of course, if you don't want to grow them you can always order the tasty fruit through many companies such as Orange Blossom Groves here in Florida.

Happy Gardening. and remember to take the time to smell the orange blossoms!

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