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Thursday, April 22, 2004

My veggies are planted 

I finally got out and started cleaning up my gardens this weekend. We've had lots of things going on that did not allow me the time I wanted to restore the gardens to their beautiful and flowing look prior to the construction truck damage. So over last weekend I got my hands into the soil and began pulling weeds and replanting my neighbor's cast-offs (dusty miller).

The best thing I did, however, was finally get my vegetable seeds started. I planted cabbage, cucumber, yellow squash, zucchini, carrots, radishes, and green beans. I also threw in some zinnia, marigold, portulaca and cosmos seeds for color as well as the whole companion-planting thing discussed in the Carrots Love Tomatoes I told you about. You'll notice I did not mention tomatoes or green peppers. Well, for some reason I have a heck of a time getting those plants started. I don't know what the problem is and after all these years don't care to figure it out. I do all the right things as far as I can tell, and still have trouble getting those little plants to grow for me. So I cheat. I went to Lowe's and got two of each.

I've had good luck with Lowe's veggie plants before, so look forward to seeing them bloom and bear fruit fairly soon. Want to know the bonus I got with one of the green pepper plants? A ladybug. Ladybugs feed on destructive pests such as aphids and mealybugs so are very valuable in the garden. But the old saying goes that they bring good luck so we'll see how the veggie plants thrive.

One more update, before I sign off, to the Ollie Oleander and Loppy the lop-eared bunny stories below. Ollie is doing pretty well. His leaves are somewhat droopy and all the flowers closed up, but he's not yellowing so that's a good sign. And the best part is that Loppy has found his home keeping watch on Ollie. They make a great pair. Happy Gardening and be sure to bring home a beneficial insect to your garden.

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