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Thursday, April 08, 2004

That lop-eared bunny of mine 

I am a nut for lawn ornaments. Not the huge statues of angels and religious figures, but the smaller more life-like stuff. Our garden is graced with a squirrel here, a brown-eyed bunny there, and a couple of very fine frogs. Oh, and I can't forget to mention my turtle and some brass fish sitting on the back deck.

My husband wanted to treat me to something new for our upcoming pool landscape, so off we went to a little store in Dunedin called “The Wee Nooke”. This shop carries a variety of old and really-old (that's what the tags say) furniture and other antique-like items. It’s a couple of small houses converted into stores, and a fun place to meander through.

As we looked around, we literally stumbled across this odd little piece of concrete. It was obviously old and weathered. As we continued to look at it, we realized it was a lop-eared bunny! Well, nothing would do but we immediately agreed we had to give him a place in our garden.

Loppy has come home with us but has not gone into the garden since it’s not yet completed. In the meantime, he sits in our living room and gets a pat on the head every time someone walks by. He’s a bit worn down, but I think he’s happy with his new environment. Happy Gardening, and be sure to keep an eye out for those older garden friends. They’ll appreciate it.

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