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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

One person's lawn... 

Our neighbor is very precise about his lawn. It is a lush expanse of Bahia grass with many trees and ornamental grasses planted throughout. He and my husband were talking the other day about how we were planning to landscape our backyard. Harlan told me he actually had a look of horror when he learned that I had intentionally not cut down the "wildflowers" growing there. Of course to our neighbor, the flowers were weeds. So while he struggles to maintain that pristine lawn, we just walk around with a weedwhacker periodically and cut around the flowers. Meanwhile he's probably thinking we are nuts and don't know how to properly keep a lawn.

Now, we do want a bit of lawn for our boys to run on in the back and a little to help define our beds in the front. But it will be a very little for sure. Hence the quandary over the lawnmower I mentioned last week.

Anyway, Harlan took pictures of those "weeds" I mentioned and I wanted to include them for you to see. I've looked through all my landscaping books to identify them as weeds or flowers and can't really find any reference to the little coral bloom or the little daisy-like plant. So, until someone tells me differently (and even if they do) these are wildflowers to me. Happy Gardening.

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