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Sunday, June 06, 2004

National Gardening Week... 

but not officially this week.

I was reading our local newspaper today over my morning cup of coffee and saw an article about the president of a community garden club. She had taken silk mums to the library "as a visual reminder of the club's celebration of National Garden Week this week." I looked over at my husband and said, "I didn't know it was National Garden Week. I guess I better start doing my homework." He nodded as though he was really listening to what I was saying and looked back at the newspaper.

I put the article on my desk so I could find out more about this special week before sharing with you. Well, here is what I learned. National Garden Week was actually proclaimed in 1986 by President Reagan. Proclamation 5462 speaks to gardening as a "wholesome avocation that encourages appreciation for nature and concern for the preservation and enhancement of our environment." It goes on to reference the season of renewal and the abundance of fruits, vegetables and flowers produced by our gardens. The official week designated by the President and Congress begins in mid-April, which in 1986 was actually April 13.

This pretty much debunks the garden club's president of her declaration but I have a theory. Every week is gardening week whether it's an official proclamation or not. The words signed by President Reagan accurately represent how all gardeners feel about the beauty and bounty of gardening. So, although it's not truly National Garden Week, let's all get out there talk to our plants, pull a few weeds, and celebrate. Happy Gardening.

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