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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Vinegar - nectar of the Gods 

I shared a tip on my Florida Gardening page a few days ago about vinegar helping the acidity levels for my Canary date palm. Not long ago I also included vinegar as a good solution for sunburn pain. So, I got thinking. What other uses are there for vinegar outdoors? I found The Vinegar Page and hit the motherlode of tips. For instance, did you know that hot vinegar kills weeds? How about this - drinking vinegar will keep mosquitoes away! Vinegar repels ticks and flies, kills slugs, soothes bee stings and reduces the itch from poison ivy. The best thing is that after a hard day in the garden, 2 cups of vinegar in your bath water will ease and add potasium to sore muscles.

The list of vinegar uses when I last visited was at 239 and counting. My head is spinning and I've learned a great deal on how to avoid high cost products by using my trusty old vinegar. It will get rid of the white mineral stains on clay pots and the calcium deposits on bricks. Vinegar can be used for many animal problems, but my favorite is the one shared for dogs who try to make friends with skunks. Supposedly it gets the smell out and leaves a glossy coat. I hope I never have to try that one but glad it worked for that person. Happy Gardening and stock up on your vinegar.

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