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Monday, July 12, 2004

Garden taste test 

A fellow blogger, Kathy Purdy, wrote to let me know about a gardener's taste test on another blogger's site. Chan apparently participated in a Teachout Cultural Concurrence Index and decided to do the same for gardening. She developed 25 questions and listed her preferences first. For an ex-northerner, I actually struggled with a few of the questions but it was interesting to see how many of my answers matched hers and Kathy's. When you get the chance, take a look at the list and pick your choices. Then compare with my fellow blogging friends. It's interesting. Here's mine:

1. Lilies: oriental or asiatic?
2. No-till or till?
3. Bare hands or garden gloves? (In the north I was a bare-handed gardener, but not here in the south with the ants.)
4. Garden tchotchkes, no or yes?
5. Clay or sand? (by default)
6. Shrub roses or hybrid teas?
7. Hollyhocks: single or double?
8. Foliage: gray or glaucous?
9. Hemerocallis: flava or fulva?
10. Impatiens: double or single?
11. Calendula or tagetes?
12. Arborvitae or juniper?
13. Spaded edge or "edging"?
14. Asters or mums?
15. Reflecting pool or coursing waterfall?
16. Morning glory blue or forget-me-not blue?
17. Lettuce: leaf or cos?
18. Hyacinth bean or red runner bean?
19. Orange or pink?
20. Garden bed shapes: formal or informal?
21. Garden bed planting schemes: informal or formal?
22. Hydrangeas: lace-cap or mophead?
23. Spirea japonica: dried flowerheads standing over the winter or in bloom?
24. Japanese beetle drowning medium: kerosene or dishsoap solution?
25. Garden stroll time: dusk or dawn?

The list that spawned this idea is arts oriented and also pretty thought-provoking. Happy Gardening.

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