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Monday, August 09, 2004

I finally committed...or I should be 

After all the false starts, the lack of spark, the loss of gas, the inability to pull the cord...the old gas mower went to the yard sale pile. I just couldn't take it anymore. I cannot make myself comfortable using a gas mower. And when it won't start without a bunch of gyrations including a voodoo dance and almost dislocating my shoulder, I know it's time to move on. And move on I did. We went to our local Lowes and purchased a cordless Black & Decker mower. All we had to do was plug it in, wait 24 hours, and that little baby sliced through the grass like butter with a butter knife. Wow! Even my husband was impressed. No noise, no smell, no wasted minutes and curses. It was a true joy to use.

Of course, before we got started we had to read the instruction manual, or I should say I read the instruction manual. One of the first things I read to make sure I used the tool properly was the important safety rules. What was the first thing on the list? KNOW YOUR MOWER! Ok. I took that to mean that the mower and I needed to bond. We needed to become one so we could be the best we could be. But I didn't have to tell it everything about me, did I? Reading further under specific characteristics of the battery: The battery prefers to be charged in a cool, dry place. Oops. Didn't know the battery had a preference, but guess what? It's in Florida. It's difficult to find a cool, dry place around here. Another line under the charger safety rules read: DO NOT ABUSE THE CORD. Man! I didn't know cords could be abused. Is there a hotline number where I could be reported for cord abuse? Further definition of a cord abuser, according to the manual, is someone who carries the charger around by the cord or disconnects the charger from the outlet or mower by pulling it by the cord. That's just simply too painful for me to contemplate. I know how I would feel if my cord got pulled improperly. I wonder if there's a Cord Pullers Anonymous Group I could call? Note to self - look into that one.

I have to admit I did finally abuse the instruction booklet. (At least I'm admitting it.) My husband tried to stop me and back me away from the booklet, but I just couldn't help myself. Why? Well, all the instructions referred to various diagrams, but they were nowhere near the sections referring to the pictures! Heck - they were half way through the booklet in the Francais section. Thank goodness diagrams are universal or I'd still be trying to figure out where the safety valve needs to be placed, or how to move the handle into the proper position, etc., etc. So, I tore (every so gently) the diagram page out of the middle of the book and taped it where I was reading. Anyway, instruction booklet be damned. The key (and there is actually a safety key that has to be hung on a hook on the wall when not in use) is that the machine is a beauty. It doesn't hurt the environment with gas and fumes, it doesn't make a lot of noise, there's no bulky electric cord to pull around as I manuever through the back 40. It's a dream machine and I'm proud to say I've fallen in love. Even my husband, who is not a big proponent of mowing the grass, volunteered to finish the backyard today. Let me reiterate - VOLUNTEERED to finish the backyard. He must have become one with the mower when I was reading the instruction booklet to him. How zen is that? Happy Gardening and if you know anyone who wants a used gas mower, send them my way.

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