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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Another garden in the works 

My husband and I finally bit the bullet and hired a contractor to pour a concrete patio and driveway for us. We are really excited about the prospect of exiting from the back door without walking across a plywood deck that bounces and shakes with every step. Of course when we go outside we are accompanied by our boys also known as the thundering herd. So with the new patio we will not only be able to enjoy a covered lounge area and solid surface, but we'll also put a stop to the endless trail of dirt falling off these precious little boys' paws all over the floors.

In preparation for the new patio, Harlan and I had to move all the left over pavers as well as our hot tub. My husband found a place for all of the pavers - two pallets full - and I assisted in the struggle to temporarily relocate the hot tub. As we were completing our tasks and I had gathered up the water hose, I actually looked at the area outside of the wall that would soon be all patio. It was pretty disgusting with weedy grass, electrical connections, cable connections, and a huge low spot that obviously fed rain straight into the area we didn't want it to go. It's funny how you can look at various places around the house and never see them until your face is right in front of the offending area. So, with gloves on and kneeling pad at the ready I proceeded to pull all the weeds. In the process I found two little pine tree seedlings and transplanted them where I had been planning to add some new pine trees. After the area was completely clean of debris, Harlan and I started bringing wheelbarrows full of dirt from the mound in the front yard to fill in and build a new garden.

Now I'm really excited. Not only are we getting a new patio, we're gaining a new garden. It's in a shade area so I'll have to think about what I'd like to plant. There is already a little holly bush - a volunteer from the bed out front - but otherwise it's a blank slate. I want to do something different that the usual bushes and flowers I normally put in. It's time to go back to my reference books and see what I can find. I'll keep you posted as my new little garden builds. Happy Gardening and keep your eyes open around your home. You may find a new garden area lurking anywhere.

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