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Saturday, September 29, 2007

National Toilet Repair Month 

What do National Toilet Repair Month and gardening have in common? Well, it's about water conservation. In the garden we try to plant drought tolerant and native plants that require less water use. Same thing in our homes - we find ways to reduce water usage such as fixing a leaking faucet or toilet. Why you ask? Two reasons - it supports the environment and saves money, and who wouldn't want to do both?

According to the IATP Trade Observatory, a leaking toilet can be one of the greatest sources of water waste in the home using up to 78,000 gallons of water a year or the equivalent of enough water to fill two average- size backyard swimming pools. The Environmental Protection Agency tells us that "the typical single-family suburban household uses at least 30 percent of their water outdoors for irrigation. Some experts estimate that more than 50 percent of landscape water use goes to waste due to evaporation or runoff caused by overwatering."

For more information about water conservation in the garden, visit the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service. To learn more about limiting water usage in your home, visit the EPA's links page. If it's specifically your toilet that needs repair, visit Fluidmaster for the how-tos including how to find a good plumber. And, just for fun, try taking the EPA's online water quiz. It's fun and a great way to learn more. Not to brag but I scored 765, making me a WaterSense Expert. What's your score? Happy Gardening and don't call the plumber pictured here. I don't think he'd be much help.

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