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Sunday, April 24, 2005

A gardener's game 

I was spreading mulch in my side garden today and, as usual, my mind was wandering to all things plant like. For some goofy reason I started listing plants in my mind from A-Z just to see if I could do it. The more I thought about it the more intriguing it became. When I came in for lunch, I told my husband about it and he started trying to list plants. "Ah, not as easy as it sounds," he said. "Sounds like a blog." What do you think? Can you list a plant (any type) from A-Z without looking in your garden or any reference books or the internet? I'll bet you can. Want to see my results? I've got to confess I was stumped at U and X:

My husband came to my rescue on U for Umbrella tree but we just couldn't come up with anything for X so I finally cheated and found Xeranthemum. Give it a try - you may just surprise yourself as to how many plants you know. Happy Gardening.

I love blogs like this.. I will be sure to bookmark this post today.
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